What did we do?

App Development

Blumi is a company dedicated to personal care and beauty with the highest standards of hygiene and quality that seeks to provide well-being and self care in the comfort of home. They differentiate themselves by being the first group to make a mobile App available to select and schedule any of their services.


The founders came to us with a clear vision for a new company dedicated to personal care and wellness.

Being their first technology-based company, we were able to guide them through all the necessary steps to establish a technology company as well as our professional recommendations and ongoing advice.


Mixing the vision of the clients with our recommendations, we were able to help them throughout the necessary journey to launch the digital product to the public. What did we do?

  • We participated in account management for the company’s nomenclature and corporate image design;
  • We recorded their credentials in order to publish the App on Google Play and the App Store and made a proposal for a suitable technology stack to use for the development of the App;
  • We developed the set of software needed to expedite early release;
  • We carried out an application deployment in a test environment and a final one for production;
  • We took care of quality control, testing and applying of continuous improvements;
  • Finally, we took care of launching the App on the respective digital stores.

The deliverables are divided into the following:

  • API (Node, TypeScript, Express and Sequelize)
  • BackOffice (Next.js, TypeScript, Redux)
  • Client App for iOS and Android (React Native)
  • Service provider app for iOS and Android (React Native)