What did we do?

App Development

Kanda is a virtual community designed to combat telephone harassment and unwanted telemarketing.


Its founder approached us with an initial idea of ​​how we could use existing technologies to create a community protected from extortionists, fraud, and unwanted phone telemarketing.


Based on the initial specifications, we developed a set of apps for iOS and Android, making use of native functions of both systems, we managed to create an address book that is made up of a black list and a white list for the incoming calls, giving the user the power to decide who they want to contact and who they don’t.

We also developed a platform that allows administrators to keep track of numbers reported for manual review, as well as track user growth and various metrics. All this interconnected through a core API that is responsible for handling communication between applications, storing and querying data and notifying users if necessary.

  • API (Node, Sequelize and Express)
  • BackOffice (Next.js, Redux)
  • for iOS with native modules (React Native and Swift)
  • Android app with native modules (React Native and Java)