How much does it cost to develop an app in Mexico in 2022?

How much does it cost to develop an app in Mexico in 2022?
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Application Market Basics and why investing in one for your business.

The mobile application market has become a millionaire industry and it’s expected that over the years it will continue to grow. According to Statista, the digital statistics platform, by the end of the current year 2022 more than 258 million applications are expected to have been downloaded resulting in a total of US$111,778m generated.

In 2011, Murdoch University in Australia along with the Indiana University in the US conducted a study on how mobile applications can produce a positive impact in terms of user experience for businesses, since the level of sales after use (or not) of applications from recognized brands was compared, it was then found that consumer behavior was more beneficial for brands when they had an application that helped them fidelize their customers.

Investing in an app whether it is for your company or organization has many benefits, since it allows you to weave a closer link with the client, distinguish your mark from the potential competitors by being up-to-date and with that, establishing competitive leverage becomes a fact.

If you have detected a need in your business and would like to develop an app to have it fulfilled but are in doubt whether it's the right choice, how much it will cost or even what kind of App suits you the best according to your business model, etc. Don’t stress, the ADHOC team has you covered in this article.

First of all, here are some points that will give you light:

  1. What kind of need is it covering? (Marketing, education, logistics)
  2. Who is the target? (What market sector are you trying to reach with this app)
  3. Tech defining (Android, iOs, React Native or Web App)
  4. Functions (Chatting, Profiles, Calendars, E-Commerce)
  5. Working with the best. (Explore the different options for building the app, will you build it yourself or hire an agency or independent developer?)
  6. App publication (What operating system is able to support it?)
  7. Have in mind the imminence of future updates and improvements.

How much will it actually cost?

Here we turn to the central question, how much does it cost to develop an app in Mexico in 2022? The answer is simple since there is really no universal specific rate to charge for the development of an app, it all relies on different factors such as those mentioned in the seven previous points, even so, there are average prices. For example, the stimated cost for a simple app is around $6,500 USD, on the other hand, the cost of an application of medium complexity is between $15,000 and $50,000 USD, while an App of high complexity like Uber's can cost up to $75,000.00 USD; being all of these just approximate costs.

Understanding what you need and why.

In ADHOC TI, we are experts who work on what suits our clients better according to what it’s presented to us on their first approach. We get involved to the point where we understand the client’s issues and goals expected with this solution that may be given by us, with that being done we make a full analysis on what would give the best measurable results for the better outcome always with the guarantee of use of high-end technology used for developing apps such as Airbnb, Uber and Spotify.

You can visit this link to take a look at some of our projects and see how we have helped important enterprises in and out of Mexico to give yourself an idea of what we can do with your brand.

The more we get to know your business model, the easier it will be for us to give you a panoramic view of what kind of solution will help you the best to boost your growth to a whole new level. It might look simple to just give a price and charge you for it, however, we are strong believers that in the current digital era not everyone needs the same solution to meet their specific goals, let us help you identify what’s yours.

Interested in developing an app? Contact us! We’ll be happy to share our expertise and proven results with you and help you achieve what you want with exactly what you need.

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