How can I be more organized this 2022?

How can I be more organized this 2022?
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We are at the beginning of the year, so it is very common to start making New Year's resolutions. New Year's resolutions, affirmations through which we set goals to make improvements in our lives on a spiritual, personal or professional level. goals to make improvements in our lives on a spiritual, personal or professional level.

For our part, in ADHOC consulting one of our resolutions this year is to raise the level of your business, company or practice, so we bring you 6 tips to be more organized, because we know that in this way both you and we will achieve our goals.

1. Planning: establish well-drawn, realistic and achievable goals and objectives.

We often tend to neglect the importance of planning, especially when we yearn for immediate gratification in terms of results, it is important to understand that it is precisely this rush to obtain them that keeps us away from them. If we work with a well-planned structure, knowing where we want to get to, we will be getting closer. It is a matter of working intelligently, not of working harder.

2. Maintain a clean workspace: environment is everything.

Let's not fool ourselves with the philosophy of "Creative Chaos" having an orderly environment will help you concentrate, clutter is a distractor.

3. Search for useful tools: Facilitate work through the use of technology.

In the previous point we talked about the importance of planning, to facilitate it we can make use of tools that take away some of the complications that come as a result of manual work, human error is the order of the day and can make us fall into disorganization and loss of time that reduces our efficiency.

Keeping a physical agenda is functional, however there is always the risk of forgetting to check it or misplacing it. There are several tools to help us with this, including applications such as Google Calendar, which can help us plan our day-to-day commitments, preventing us from missing important things by sending notifications with reminders prior to the commitment in question.

Examples of tools that help you be more efficient:

  • Calendars (Google calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendars, among others)
  • Task or project managers (Notion, Trello, etc.)
  • Time keeping applications
  • Note-taking application (with templates)
  • Habit tracking, distraction prevention tools (Asana, Blobby, SnapHabit)

In a previous post of our blog we introduced you to Genda, another tool that is of great help since it combines features that contribute to make an appointment scheduling much more orderly and simple than the conventional one for any professional who requires this task when providing his service.

4. Set times: don't miss out on the things that matter.

Your time is as important as the results you expect to obtain by investing it, so it is important that you manage it correctly without missing out on anything.

Plan your weekly workflow and meetings, designate a schedule and the duration of the different tasks you have for that week, likewise make a daily planning. Don't let your work days be a surprise, work every day focused on your goals.

5. Know and respect your limitations when working: we all have them.

The best ideas do not come from tired or overworked minds, it is always necessary to recognize when to stop, hence the importance of the above points, it is always better to dedicate 6-7 hours of meaningful work than to work non-stop for 10 hours in order to expect the best results. Always make sure to respect what your limits are when assigning the workload for your day to day, both for you and for your team.

At this point we return again to the usefulness of technology to make our tasks less complex and thus represent less mental fatigue, let us not skimp on its use.

6. Have clear strategies: application of "Las Tres D".

This method, called "Delegate, Delete or Do", refers to the three decisions you can make regarding the activities you considered pertinent to achieve one of your goals during the planning process.

By eliminating we do not mean that x activity has no relevance and should be removed from the list forever, but the recognition that it may not be strictly mandatory for that particular day, that is, it is simply to choose which activities are more urgent to give them the priority they have or, if there is the probability, delegate them to another teammate who can perform them to generate synergy of group work and move forward.


Being organized and disciplined is the best way to achieve goals and fulfill purposes, it is also one of the human qualities that opens more doors today, because it facilitates any job and makes people perceive you as a good leader, because an organized person always knows what to do next.

To be organized you must know how to establish a plan with priorities and limitations to provide structure and make a path that leads you to your goal, only by organizing yourself you have the necessary skills to organize others.

In this article we review a series of ways to achieve this, along with a series of tools that will help you in your process, it's time to put them to the test!

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