How to increase your e-commerce traffic and generate sales?

How to increase your e-commerce traffic and generate sales?
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Alejandro Hernández, a very passionate entrepreneur, decided to create an online clothing store for men. He paid a friend to design a brand. He then hired a developer to set up his online store on Shopify. Finally, a photographer to shoot photos of his products. After 3 months and a lot of money invested, he launched his store to the public. He created an account on Instagram and Facebook and started posting. Alejandro wondered what was happening, what he could do to get more people to visit his page and start selling. Sales never came.

Alejandro realized that there is no magic wand that will make people visit his site. He began to do research all over the Internet to find out what he can do to start selling and discovered the following: 5 tips to start creating more traffic and sales in your e-commerce.

1. Get a good product to sell.

Validate that the product you offer is salable, it will do you no good to have the most innovative and beautiful page if your product is not desired by consumers. It is almost a fact that if you have a bad product your online store will fail.

However, by having a good product, make sure that the entire buying experience is flawless; avoid mistakes such as poor packaging, poor description, opaque prices and shipping costs. This way you will offer a product that arouses the interest of the potential client.

Within this, it is also important to take into account the way in which we offer said product. If we are not specific in what we are offering, the client could end up not understanding our product and discarding it, opting for something that is more convincing.

Regardless of the market you dedicate yourself to or the product you sell, in e-commerce your customers do not have a physical approach to the product, that is why they need something that convinces them to acquire it, and that is precisely the work of images and videos.

There is a saying that “an image is worth a thousand words” and the reality is that in the case of e-commerce, an image can completely ruin your chances of reaching your goal, by choosing the right image, your potential customers will know exactly what they are acquiring, in the same way, the language with which we communicate is just as valuable, hence the importance of being clear and direct.

Do not keep information between the lines regarding issues such as shipping costs and taxes, it is important that you let your customers know this information so that there are no misunderstandings and you do not lose credibility.

Also remember that when one of your products leaves the market, or you have run out of stock, it is important to make it visible so that anyone entering your site can access this information and can anticipate their purchases, easing their search process.

2. Make paid campaigns in search engines and Social Networks

Investing in advertising if you have a budget is the best thing you can do if you want to increase traffic to your page in the short term. Although this implies an increase in your cost per customer acquisition. Hiring an SEM professional will make you worth every penny invested.

There are several platforms for online advertising, here we will cover some and recommend some of the best practices to get results. The first is Meta Ads; where you can advertise for Facebook and Instagram. The recommendation is that you configure your account correctly to obtain the expected results. For that you have to configure the pixels and synchronize your online store with the Facebook catalogs to be able to carry out dynamic remarketing campaigns and thus be able to make sales online. The second recommended platform is Google Ads. Here you can do keyword campaigns in search engines, display, Google Shopping and YouTube. Ads on YouTube are considered invasive and people often wait for the moment to skip it and continue. In addition, the cost per click on YouTube ads is very high, it is considered very good practice to make remarketing ads for the audiences generated by the visits acquired from search engines.

Be concise in what you want to say in your advertising: talking too much or going overboard could turn away potential customers' attention instead of engaging them.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is also quite effective, by hiring an influencer with a good reach in social networks, you guarantee to give your brand greater visibility, by making famous people be seen using it, a greater number of people will want to acquire it. We can classify influencers by their number of followers: Nano-influencers (between 2K and 5K), Micro-influencers (between 5K and 100K followers), Macro-influencers (between 100K and 500K followers), Fame-influencers (between 500K and 1 Million followers), Mega-influencers (Over 1 Million followers).

If your online store is just starting out and you don't have that much budget, working with nano-influencers and micro-influencers is a very good alternative because we don't invest as much money as you would with someone very famous. It is important to do some research to find out if the influencer you are going to hire is the best option for your brand. You have to take into account the reach, the engagement and if their audience is the right one for your brand.

There are tools to measure the audience of influencers and see which is the one that best suits the needs of your advertising campaign, some examples are the following:

4. Content Generation

It is important that you have a well-designed strategy for generating valuable content that will retain your followers on social networks and keep them interested in your brand. Value content is everything that can be useful to your followers beyond the simple advertising of the products you sell, content that is of interest to your targets or potential customers.

In addition, you can carry out strategies such as Giveaways. This is an interaction that can generate many leads and conversions because the dynamics of contests or giveaways of this style tend to work as a "referral program" since one of the bases is usually to tag friends to be able to participate, hence, they can tag more friends and thus create a community. If you offer a prize or win that excites your potential customers, they will not hesitate to participate and this will attract more people, almost like a domino effect. You will need to take good care to correctly monitor who is participating, here are some tools that can make this easier for you:

  • Sweep Widget
  • ShortStack
  • Gleam
  • Outgrow
  • Vyper

5. SEO Positioning

Making our online store findable and well positioned by search engines is key to increasing our traffic. These efforts can take time to implement and deliver results. That is why it is important to start working on them from day zero. Take care of all the aspects of SEO On Site such as the keywords you use in the titles and descriptions, in addition to taking care of the name that your products have. Align your content strategy to SEO. Use long tail terms, those terms much more specific than simple keywords that are easier to position, being long terms, the probability of a sale is guaranteed by getting the attention of the target, hence the importance of using correct keywords that lead your customers to your website.

Another important factor to take into account is loading times. If your website takes time to load between sections or just open, your visitors will lose interest and probably decide to look for another business that offers the same product or a similar one avoiding this technical problem.

To prevent this, you must improve the loading speed of your e-commerce website, guaranteeing that all the features of the design you have will be visible for one to three seconds, which is the time period in which a potential customer would start to lose interest. .

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During the last two years, (largely due to the pandemic that affected the world), e-commerce has had an exponential growth. According to eSemanal, a news portal dedicated to following notes regarding the world of electronic commerce, “in the pandemic, changes in consumption habits contributed to the increase in online sales. The impact was such that electronic commerce grew 81% nationwide compared to 2019, which is equivalent to 316 billion MXN.”

The problem that arises as a result of this growth is that the market becomes a much more competitive space; therefore, it is important that if you want to stand out from the rest, you implement an effective SEO strategy to guarantee your website more traffic and therefore, a greater flow of sales. There are several ways to get more traffic from visitors to your e-commerce website, given the fluidity with which the competition advances day by day, it is important to stay ahead.

Making your site attractive, reliable and also dynamic can be an element that completely changes the course of your business, in this post we will teach you 5 techniques to apply to attract visitors, however, this does not always translate into conversions, If after reading this entry you are interested in learning more, we recommend that you visit this post on our blog , where we teach you strategies to translate visits into conversions.

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