What did we do?

Web design and implementation

App Development

Development of a service infrastructure to bring cinema to more and more people.

2013 - Background

Citicinemas® is a chain of cinematographic complexes that has been defined as a model of innovative service and attention in the entertainment market. However, its growth has brought with it some challenges.

How to expand nationally? How to increase their competitiveness in a market that seems covered by large consortiums? What to offer to stay current?

Citicinemas had multiple areas of opportunity that opened the door for us to work. opened the door for us to work. It was necessary to attack details that would allow them to grow in a controlled and measurable way.

  • Urgent support for mobile devices
  • Real-time schedules
  • Match and increase the features offered by the competition.

2014 - Defining the bases

When we analyzed the technological situation of Citicinemas, we defined as a priority redesigning the website and giving support to mobile devices, we also developed a basic application for iOS and Android.

This allowed us to capture a rapidly growing market early; the mobile.

2015 - Schedules and online purchase

We improved the overall experience by adding schedules to all functions, which were instantly managed by the managers of each complex.

The possibility of buying tickets 100% online was added, at the same time that we incorporated a system to select your seat during the purchase. All of this involved developing a Backoffice system that would allow managing web content and connecting administrative information to their systems.

2016 - Loyalty programs

Having a robust online shopping system, we began to explore ideas and developed the Citibenefits system. This with the aim of increasing customer loyalty and promoting recurring purchase.

2017 - A new app

Once reaching the maturity of these digital products, we opted to migrate the application using technologies used by industry giants like Facebook, Instagram and AirBnB, which allowed us to natively integrate the loyalty program, real-time schedules and online shopping in the new iOS and Android Apps.

2018 - Optimization in security and transactions

In order to reduce operating costs and improve transaction stability we decided to migrate the payment gateway to a new provider, this allowed us to have greater control and detection of fraud.

We also increased the ease and security of purchases through the mobile application through support for Touch ID on iOS and Fingerprint on Android.


New branch in Guadalajara

Having a robust and expandable system in advance was what allowed the expansion to Guadalajara without setbacks.

Present and Future

We are currently working on the third iteration of both the site and the Apps. We plan to improve stability, speed and usability. All this in order to unify both products.