What did we do?

App Development

Wisdom Natural Brands, American manufacturer leader in the making of SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener products, its brand is the best-selling in its country, in addition to having a presence in more than 30 countries all around the world.


They approached us looking for a solution to reduce the "time to market" of their app; the aim was to increase the loyalty of their consumers by providing them with a useful tool to control sugar consumption by offering alternatives manufactured by the brand.


The strongest technological challenge was in the strategic phase, due to the fact that we had to respect and adapt to the systems that they had already been using. That said, we found a way to consume the necessary data from different providers in the App.

Articles are queried in WordPress, products in Shopify, locator in Destini and other information from the API we made.


We managed to complete the development of the first version of the app in 8 weeks, while a second version is currently in planning; we’re working on improving the stability, speed and usability of the app.