What type of software is better suited for my project?

What type of software is better suited for my project?
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Today, with the world becoming more and more digitized, Information Technology is claiming a very important role in all aspects of our lives. Going through educational and/or business software solutions, to applications (mobile and web), reflecting a clear reality: technological innovation is allowing us to automate practically any task or activity.

However, the world of technology isn’t always “one size fits all”, what works for some does not always work for everyone: the objectives and goals as well as the needs and/or problems are not usually the same, for this reason solutions shouldn’t either be the same. The following article will help you learn about different types of software to help you know which one is best suited to your specific project.

Getting to know the options

There's a variety of options that you can choose from to bring your project to life or unblock that idea that you have in mind but that does not seem to be moving forward. The following are some options (with examples) that might help you.


It is a truth that when it comes to online stores, having a presence on social networks helps generate a good number of sales; paid advertising campaigns can be very beneficial to reach more people and generate conversions, however, also having a website that your potential customers can access ensures that you stand out from the rest.

Nowadays, having your brand or online store supported by a website adds credibility to your work, helps with branding and at the same time opens a new window for you to attract new customers. If you already have one, making sure that it is in optimal conditions for its correct navigation is essential, this way you strengthen the interest of potential clients that you’ve managed to prospect through this means.

At ADHOC we have helped national companies with these issues, some examples are the case of Maxilana Casa de Empeño and Citicinemas.


Unlike common applications, a web app has the advantage that it doesn’t need to be installed on the devices from which it is accessed to since it is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser so that it can be accessed from any device with internet access by copying features of mobile apps such as receiving notifications, using the camera, galleries, etc.

These have various uses resulting in the fact that they can be created for different purposes, there are web apps for everything, an example is Google Drive, which has spreadsheets, slideshow creator, document creator, among several other functions such as Google Classroom, an educational software that allows teachers to manage entire classes and even paid packages for companies.

The wide variety of uses that can be given to this type of software is due to the various benefits it has; The main thing is that it allows multiple users to access the same version of the app, since it is updated from the remote server and everyone accesses the same updated version and it can be displayed on various devices such as tablets or mobile phones, making it easier for you to use it anywhere.

If you want to know an example of a Web App with our seal, you will be interested in knowing Enrolados , a web application designed for the administration of business activities for better productivity control.


Within the great variety of existing types of software, with which we can feel more familiar with are the Apps, this because there is one for everything, so if you consider that your project or business could benefit from the development of an application It is important that you are clear about what type of application suits you the most: a native one, a hybrid one, or a webapp.

Previously we mentioned the example of Citicinemas, for them an application was also developed giving support to the website, this generated a new competitive advantage and allowed the implementation of new benefits for the company that translated into higher sales and the subsequent opening of new branches in the Country.

Other projects of our clients that have involved App development are the cases of SweetLeaf, Kanda, and Blumi.


Application prototyping is a good tool to know what the final aspect of it will be, so you can know what you aspire to when deciding that you really want to develop one to provide added value to your business or particular project. In the prototype of an app, a comparative view of the improvements that can be made to an existing application can also be given, such was the case of what we did for the Vivaaerobus airline, solving critical problems in their purchasing processes.

Custom-made software

If even after analyzing the previous examples you are still not convinced that any of the types of software mentioned above fits what you have in mind, you can always opt for the development of a custom-made software system, that is, exclusively developed for your idea or the needs of your company or business.

A specific example of this is the one we mentioned earlier in the section on web apps: Enrolados. We were talking about the fact that web apps are very diverse in terms of their usefulness, which is why the creation of Enrolados, which consists of a web application, a mobile app and a back office system, is an example of a custom-made system.

This is where the most important question comes:

How do I know which is the ideal option for me?

Now that you are familiar with the options to start your project, you will wonder how to know which one really fits what you have planned, however, there is always doubt as to whether or not what you think you need is really what will lead you to achieve the fulfillment of your central objective. That matter is the reason for the existence of consulting agencies that are responsible for guiding you along the way, such is the case of ADHOC TI.

Schedule a consultation call

Why schedule a consultation call? In order to give direction to your project, this service consists of a direct call with the people who will be working on it, they will be the ones who support you in giving substance to the goal you have in mind and they will advise you so that you achieve the objective you have traced.

Analysis Service

If you are still unsure and do not yet have a clear objective of where your project is going or how to carrying it out, that is more than needing advice, you need a complete review of what you want to know how to carry it out and its purpose, you require an analysis service also carried out by professionals who will be in charge of finding the best final product for your idea.


The importance that information technologies are gaining today is undeniable. Any business or company that wants to stay current must adjust to these parameters. However, the great variety of types of software that exist makes it difficult to know which one is correct for any project or specific need. Hence the importance of software consulting, consulting with professionals will guarantee the best result and facilitate decision-making.

It is important to always look for measurable results based on proven case studies such as those presented throughout this article. If you think that any of these models fits what you need or you have a particular idea in mind, do not hesitate to contact us, the ADHOC TI team is ready to help you get your idea off the ground and up to the skies.

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